Some frequently asked questions we’ve heard over the years.

Retired pro athletes have questions about benefits. We have answers.Question: What injuries would I have had to sustained in order to be eligible to file a claim?

Answer: That depends on the type of claim you’re filing. We can help determine the best route to take after we speak with you. In general though, any of the following injuries would be a good indicator that you are eligible to file a claim:  Broken bone(s); concussion(s); torn, sprained or strained tendons, ligaments or muscles; internal injuries; etc.  Also, if you are you still experiencing: chronic pain; ringing in your ears or hearing problems; headaches; any physical limitations you may be eligible to file a disability or workers compensation claim.  Finally, you may be eligible to file if you are suffering from any psychological or neurological issues like:  depression; mood instability; sleep disorder or early onset dementiaThis list is not all inclusive by any means.  If you have any other injuries or ailments, you should contact us to see how we can help you.

Question:  How much will it cost for me to file my claim(s)?

Answer:  There are no up front fees due to us to handle and file your claim. We work on a contingency basis. In other words, we don’t get paid until we help you get your financial award. If for some reason we are not able to help you obtain a financial award, you don’t owe us anything at all.

Question:  I’m very busy with my new career and family, is this going to take much of my time and or effort?

Answer:  In short, no, not at all. After you fill in the Player Information Form and we have a brief phone conversation, we’ll send you a few papers to fill out. These papers just ask for basic information and should only take you about 15 – 20 minutes total to complete. Once done, send them back to us and we’ll take it from there

You may still have additional questions.  Please feel free to call me.  Don’t worry, I don’t charge for phone calls.  In fact, I’m happy to answer your questions and I encourage you to call me.  You can reach me just about 24 hours a day at 954-385-1245 or you can fill out our player information form and we’ll get back to you very quickly.

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