Career Ending Disability Insurance Claims

No matter which league you played in, whether it was the NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA or another professional sports league, if you invested in an individual disability policy to protect yourself against the typical injuries that occur in your sport, we can help you with your claim.  You see, just because you were insured doesn’t necessarily mean that the insurance company is going to live up to their end of the deal.

  • Did you try to file a claim and they denied you?
  • Have you even filed a claim yet?

If you were denied, or have not yet filed, we can help.  We will be able to evaluate the merits of your claim and pursue your insurance company in an effort to get your claim paid.

More often than not, if you filed but did not have everything “exactly right” in the paperwork, the insurance company may try to deny your claim just because of how the form was filled out.   They may even try to claim that your injury was not career ending.  Our job is to make sure that everything is filed appropriately, correctly and in a timely manner.  We’re also here to act as your advocate and work on your behalf.  Insurance companies have attorneys working for them, why shouldn’t you have one working for you?

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